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When we were looking for a martial arts school when our son was six, we visited a number of schools and we quickly learned what we were NOT looking for.... Contracts!, unnecessary competition at a young age, egos, or a cookie-cutter approach.

When we visited Lawler's and met Mark and a few of his teachers, I knew we had found the place that would balance disciple and character development with high-quality karate instruction. The approach is very individualized to bring out the best in each student.

Our son, now twelve, has changed MANY of his other activities over the course of his younger years, but karate has been a constant for him.

I highly recommend this school if you are looking for an experience with ALL of the qualities I described above. I think it's rather unique and special.

Erin T.

Mark, Gail and the teachers are great. I started to try it out then my kids started and love it. My wife started taking the cardio kickboxing and was hooked.

Something for our whole family.

Meca Y.

Great place to learn martial arts.The instructors are patient & my kids have fun. Highly recommend!

Amanda G.

Lawler's Kenpo Karate is hands down the best martial art school in the Kennett Square area. Mark Lawler is an incredibly teacher with a gift for inspiring students both young and old, while instilling values of respect, hard work, good listening, and self control.

Mr. Mark is an amazing role model for his young students (and not so young) and offers leadership opportunities to any student who is both interested and qualified (high enough belt). My son has been attending Lawler's Kenpo Karate since he was 5 (he is now , and I was so impressed with Mr. Mark and his school that I began studying at Lawler's two years ago. I cannot recommend Lawler's Kenpo Karate highly enough. It is an amazing school!

Kristen S.

After my career in professional football I chose Martial Arts as a way to keep in shape. Lawler's Kenpo Karate not only gives a great workout, but also has the best practical self defense I've seen...

Frank LeMaster,

Former Linebacker Philadelphia Eagles

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